Brickschain Welcomes Voyage Control to the Foundry Platform to Bring Blockchain to Construction Logistics

Voyage Control, the leader in onsite delivery and materials management is partnering with Brickschain, the leader in construction blockchain, to streamline the concrete and rebar supply chain. Brickschain will be powering the cross party communication and value exchange for Voyage Control clients. While a multi-trillion dollar sector globally, construction suffers from low profitability, much of which relates to manual and inefficient processes. A recent article in Fortune Magazine cites that “productivity growth in the industry has averaged just 1% each year over the past two decades, compared with a 2.8% growth rate for the global economy as a whole.


Brickschain Foundry is a blockchain-based ecosystem that manages smart contracts, identity, collaboration and security for the built-world.  The ecosystem connects 100s of construction and generic systems to more deeply integrate the construction supply chain. 

“Very little of logistics management is done in a digital way, and we’re excited to be working with Brickschain to provide more value to our clients.  Brickschain’s technology will help them manage their supply chain better” Says Voyage Control CEO, James Swanston. “After careful consideration we have selected to integrate with Brickschain’s robust Blockchain Foundry Platform giving our clients access to the latest technologies.”

Since starting in the construction industry less than three years ago, Voyage Control has a fast growing client base, including six of the top twenty general contractors in the United States, and the platform is deployed on job sites in over twenty cities around the world. Following their first successful technology partnership with Procore two years ago, the partnership with Brickschain will further add to the technology integrations that will help to drive efficiency and profitability for Voyage Control clients.  

“Brickschain is excited to be working with Voyage Control on such an important challenge. Several of our general contractor clients self-perform concrete, and while it provides greater profitability it also increases the risk for a company.” Says Brickschain CEO, Bassem Hamdy.  “Brickschain is excited to expand its Foundry platform with such forward thinking companies helping modernize the concrete and rebar supply chain worldwide ”

Brickschain’s has seen rapid growth since launch driving many companies to adopt the start-ups blockchain technology to help integrate their supply chain and coordinate data.  Customers include Swinerton, Webcor and Probuild among many more.